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Effects, Defishing and Slowdown

Before & after comparison of liquivid’s defishing, effects and slowdown features. Video recorded with a GoPro Hero mounted on a DJI Phantom 1.

Liquivid Effects

Before & after comparison of liquivid’s effects. Video taken with a DJI Phantom 3 Professional in Switzerland.

Show Jumping

Recorded with a GoPro 4 lying on the ground, corrected and slowed down with liquivid.

Taking a break by the water

This was recorded with a GoPro 3+ mounted on a DJI Phantom. liquivid was then used for slow motion, removing the lens distortion and improving sharpness, colors and contrast.

Rally driving

Sometimes there’s just no way to use a tripod. And when you’re driving fast, even a camera’s optical stabilization will have a hard time coping.

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