Easy Cinemagraph

Create animated, living images in minutes

A Real Eye Catcher

Cinemagraphs are images with one or a few moving elements. Being neither photos nor videos (or a bit of both) they immediately grab attention and increase interaction rates and retention times. If you’re publishing anything online and want more people to look at your stuff, cinemagraphs are for you.


Get noticed!

And are made in minutes – at least with our solution.


Better than photos, better than videos.


More attention, more retention.


More clicks, more conversions.


MP4, GIF, WebM, OGG and others – we can export them all.


Making Cinemagraphs and Looping Videos is Easy

Take a video (should be taken with a tripod for best results), select which part of the video to animate and which to freeze and save the file as an animated GIF to use on your website, Twitter channel, etc. You can also export video formats to use on YouTube or upload to stock agencies.

Head to the download page, get your free trial and start creating cinemagraphs right away.

Simple, quick, effective

Yes, you can create cinemagraphs with Photoshop and some other video editing tools. Feel free to check YouTube for tutorials, there are many. But they’re also at least 15 minutes long, complicated and hard to follow. 

This is why we made Easy Cinemagraph: to give you a simple, straight-forward tool for creating cinemagraphs. Just open a video (pretty much all formats work), paint a mask using a brush – make additional color / speed / crop adjustments if you like – and export.

It really is that easy. 

Features in Detail

Looping Options

  • Have your cinemagraph repeat automatically, play forwards and backwards and cross-fade for smooth transitions.

Image adjustments

  • Exposure, levels, saturation, shadow and highlight recovery and coloring
  • 23 visual effects with six blending modes
  • Rotating and cropping with custom aspect ratios
  • Rounded corners make your cinemagraphs even more attractive
  • Adjust play speed
  • Add text
  • Create custom presets

Liquivid Preset Library

  • Our online library of free, prebuilt presets gives your videos a professional look. Simply download and apply them from within the software! The presets include adjustments to exposure, colors and sharpness and even tilt-shift and effect filters. If you like, you can further tune the adjustments and create your own presets based upon them.

Input formats

  • All common video formats (incl. HEVC/H265, no MPEG2), codecs and resolutions

Output formats

  • Animated GIF, WebP
  • Video: MP4 (H264), WMV, Motion JPEG, WebM, OGG, uncompressed AVI
  • HTML5: including up to 3 video formats (MP4, WebM, OGG) and HTML code
  • JPG sequence

UI Languages

  • English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Simplified Chinese

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