Icon Effects

Recolor and animate icons & logos
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Downloaded icons from the internet or have company logo that you need to change? Do you need a version with different colors or want to get rid of that white background from a JPG or PNG? Got an SVG icon and no idea how to open it?

Original Recolored

“Icon Effects” is here to help

It analyzes an image, figures out which colors it uses and lets you replace its color palette with another one. And it’s smart enough to give you proper faded transparency (e.g. along edges) when you remove backgrounds.

Also, it has a bunch of animation templates to apply to your icons in case you want to add a little motion to your web site or software products. 

Supported Formats

  • Input: JPG, PNG, TIFF, PSD, SVG, ICO
  • Output:
    • Non-animated icons: JPG, PNG 
    • Animated icons: GIF, MP4 (no transparency) and APNG, WebM (with transparency)

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