Video Improve – Version History

v2.8.3, 13.01.2021
– Bugfixes

v2.8.2, 30.03.2020 (macOS only)
– Fixed a compatibility issue with macOS 10.14 and earlier

v2.8.1, 23.03.2020 (macOS only)
– Fixed macOS 10.15 compatibility issue (request for keystrokes from other applications)
– General improvements

v2.8.0, 15.12.2019 (Windows only)
– Faster video decoding and processing
– Added hardware accelerated H.264 encoding using NVIDIA cards on Windows PCs (select the codec in the Output section)
– Minor fixes

v2.7.1, 18.09.2019
– Brought back the ability to enable/disable GPU accelerated video decoding via the settings menu (this had been removed in a previous version)

v2.7.0, 05.09.2019, macOS only
– Added hardware accelerated H.264 video encoding for macOS (selectable from the output codec list)

v2.6.6, 03.09.2019
– Bugfix
– Faster video encoding

v2.6.5, 24.07.2019
– Bugfix

v2.6.4, 22.07.2019
– Advanced mode: Improved synchronization of video & audio during preview

v2.6.3, 18.07.2019
– Bugfixes

v2.6.2, 17.07.2019
– Bugfixes

v2.6.0, 16.07.2019
– Advanced mode: Faster video preview
– Advanced mode: Player now shows a mini-timeline with clickable thumbnails for easier navigation through the video
– Advanced mode: Crop & rotate: Presets with aspect ratios for many social media formats (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.), incl further info on format requirements (resolution, file size, etc.)
– Advanced mode: Video preview resolution now also limited by system RAM (max 640px for 4GB or less, 1280px for up to 8GB, 1920px for more)
– Liquivid Presets Library now automatically available (no need to manually download presets first)
– List of camera profiles now grouped by camera manufacturer for better navigation
– Removed option for hiding specific camera profiles from “Settings” dialog
– New camera profile: Niceboy Vega 6 Star (contributed by user – thanks!)
– MP4 export at low quality settings produces smaller files
– MP4 export faster for low quality, slower for high quality output
– GPU-accelerated video decoding now enabled by default (when available), removed option from UI
– Fixed a bug that caused the built-in update function to download older software versions (did not affect Mac App Store / Steam versions)
– Bugfixes

v2.5.1, 27.06.2019
– Switched to Java 11 (Windows, macOS). Now requires macOS 10.11
– New camera profiles: DJI Mavic 2 Pro, DJI Osmo Action, Yi Lite
– Bugfixes

v2.4.0, 21.03.2019
– New UI localization: Simplified Chinese
– Future updates can be downloaded & installed through the software itself
– UI tweaks
– Minor bug fixes

v2.3.4, 12.12.2018
– Bugfixes

v2.3.2, 25.10.2018
– Improved performance
– Bugfixes

v2.3.1, 04.10.2018
– Fixed a memory leak issue related to fisheye removal

v2.3.0, 24.09.2018
– Added downloadable, pre-made presets
– Added “Rounded corners” filter (Advanced)
– Video preview: Can choose zoom factor (fit, 100%, 200%)
– General bugfixes & improvements

v2.2.0, 04.06.2018
– Can export / import user presets
– Can add user defined watermarks
– Can extract audio from video (under Advanced -> Output)
– Bugfixes

v2.1.1, 13.04.2018
– Bugfixes

v2.1.0, 10.04.2018
– Improved deflickering
– Support for hardware accelerated video decoding (you must enable it in the settings menu)
– New output video codec: OGG (.ogv)
– H264 codec: decreased bitrate for lowest quality to allow for smaller files
– General fixes and improvements

v2.0.2, 23.03.2018
– Bugfixes

v2.0.1, 06.03.2018
– Bugfixes

v2.0.0 23.02.2018
– Redesigned UI
– Added tilt/shift filter
– Can now import animated GIFs
– Adding text: can choose stroke color
– Basic mode (now “Quick mode”): can batch trim videos
– Effects: can now choose blending mode
– Rotating and cropping videos: no longer limited to original aspect ratio
– Advanced mode: can choose video preview resolution
– Advanced mode: can export a preview (3 or 10 seconds) from a video to a temporary file
– Shake reduction: Faster video analysis
– New camera profiles: Sony RX0, Ricoh WG-M2, GoPro HERO6
– GIF export: higher quality output files
– Improved stability
– Bugfixes

v1.8.2, 29.11.2017
– Bugfixes

v1.8.1, 08.11.2017
– Bugfixes

v1.8.0 Adobe Lightroom Plug-In, 30.10.2017
– Released “Video Improve” as a plug-in for Adobe Lightroom (Windows and macOS). It has the same features and system requirements as the stand-alone version of the software but contains some small modifications to make it import and export files from and to Lightroom.

v1.8.0, 26.09.2017
– Faster video encoding
– Can now add music to exported videos
– Adding text to video: faster export, higher quality preview
– New lens profile: Olympus TG Tracker
– UI tweaks
– Bugfixes

v1.7.2, 03.07.2017
– Fixed a bug which prevented loading photos from folders containing non-ASCII characters (affected Windows PC only)

v1.7.1, 12.06.2017
– Minor fixes

v1.7.0, 26.04.2017
– Can now merge files into one larger video
– Advanced mode: Add text
– Advanced mode: Create presets
– Advanced mode: Select and export multiple files at once
– Advanced mode, white balance: Pick neutral color from image
– Advanced mode: Shadow and highlight recovery and coloring
– Advanced mode: Add vignette
– Improved video preview performance
– Improved MP4 export: Much smaller file sizes at same quality
– Can rearrange files and sections order using drag and drop
– Nine new effects
– New camera profile: Yi 4K
– Moved button for creating camera profiles from main toolbar to Advanced -> Fisheye Correction
– Exporting: Improved processing performance when speeding up and downsizing videos
– Improvements to image noise removal
– Added app usage hints / tutorials
– UI improvements
– Bugfixes
– Trial period changed to 14 days
– Trial and beta versions now show a watermark in exported files

v1.6.0, 10.11.2016
– Added camera profiles: GoPro (Hero5 Black, Hero5 Session), Sony (HDR-AS50, HDR-CX220, FDR-X1000V), GitUp Git2, DJI Zenmuse X3
– Added video output formats: WebM, Motion JPEG (.mov), GIF.
– When changing video play speed you can now choose speedup / slowdown and output frame rate independently.
– Video play speed can now be customized for each section.
– Effect strength can be chosen (0 to 1).
– Can flip horizontally / vertically.
– Added meta data support (artist, copyright, title, comment). Availability depends on chosen output format.
– Can choose which camera profiles to show in the selection list in order to avoid cluttered lists.
– Can set default export options to be applied to newly imported files.
– Added buttons for writing an app review or contacting us.
– Added UI localization: Russian.
– UI tweaks
– Bug fixes

v1.5.1, 18.04.2016
– Improvements to video stabilization
– Fixed OpenCL support for Windows 10
– Video output quality is chosen to match input file size by default
– Bug fixes

v1.5.0, 08.02.2016
– Added visual effects
– Added video deflickering
– Added support for retina displays on OSX
– Added exposure control
– Can preview video in “Basic” mode
– Improvements to video stabilization
– Better output quality control
– New camera profiles: GoPro Hero 4 Session, Mobius ActionCam (lenses A & C2), Parrot Bebop 2, Zoom Q8
– Improved OpenCL-based denoising stability & performance
– Updated several third party components
– Many minor fixes and improvements

v1.2.1, 29.09.2015
– Fixed several bugs
– Minor UI tweaks

v1.2.0, 28.08.2015
– Can now copy, paste and reset filter settings
– Added undo and redo (Ctrl+Z / Ctrl+Y)
– Sliders in the Advanced mode now have a text input box
– Improved video decoding performance
– Added “Open” button to the camera calibration dialog
– Added warning message when exporting sections which are too short
– Added “Please review our app” window
– Updated to Java 1.8.0_60
– Fixed several bugs

v1.1.0, 16.07.2015
– Filters can be customized for each video section individually
– Added “No Audio” button to Basic mode
– Added white balance correction to Advanced mode
– Added camera profiles: DJI Phantom 3, Garmin VIRB, Rollei 6S, Rollei 410
– Improved rotate mode, added cropping
– Improved performance for CPU-based noise reduction
– Removed OpenCL-support for Intel-based platforms due to low performance
– Added UI languages: French, Italian, Spanish
– Improved UI responsiveness
– Fixed several bugs

v1.0.2, 18.06.2015
– Added live preview image to video section markers
– Added strength slider for lens distortion fixing
– Added lens profiles for SJCAM SJ4000 and SJ5000
– Improved performance for OpenCL-based noise reduction
– Improved stability
– Removed OpenCL-support for a series of devices which were reported to cause crashes (Geforce 705M, 710M, 540M)
– Fixed a series of small UI bugs

v1.0.1, 04.05.2015
– Automatic detection of OpenCL-caused crashes, disabling OpenCL
– Handling inconsistent FPS metadata in some video files
– Performance boost for video encoding
– Settings window
– Improved logging
– Updated to Java 1.8.0_45
– Added Troubleshooting section to manual

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