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Min. Windows 7, x64

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Min. 10.11, x64 Intel

Version 1.6.0 (Windows) / 1.6.3 (macOS), 30.03.2020 – Version HistoryInstallation Instructions – End User License Agreement (EULA)

Lite Version

Free forever – download above & get started:


  • Convert videos to web formats
  • Video cutting

Standard Version

$24.99 one time fee:


  • Convert videos to web formats
  • Video cutting
  • Add images and text
  • Adjust colors, crop, play speed and more


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  • 100% free trial - no registration, no time limit, no catch.
  • No adware, no malware, no toolbars, no other unwanted software.
  • No changes to your system configuration (like registry entries, file associations, etc).
  • No data collected without your knowledge.