Video to HTML5 – Version History

v1.3.3, 18.09.2019
– Brought back the ability to enable/disable GPU accelerated video decoding via the settings menu (this had been removed in a previous version)

v1.3.2, 24.07.2019
– Bugfix

v1.3.1, 18.07.2019
– Bugfixes

v1.3.0, 17.07.2019
– Faster video preview
– Player now shows a mini-timeline with clickable thumbnails for easier navigation through the video
– Crop & rotate: Presets with aspect ratios for many social media formats (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.), incl further info on format requirements (resolution, file size, etc.)
– Video preview resolution now also limited by system RAM (max 640px for 4GB or less, 1280px for up to 8GB, 1920px for more)
– Liquivid Presets Library now automatically available (no need to manually download presets first)
– MP4 export at low quality settings produces smaller files
– MP4 export faster for low quality, slower for high quality output
– GPU-accelerated video decoding now enabled by default (when available), removed option from UI
– Bugfixes

v1.2.0, 22.05.2019 – macOS only
– Switched to Java 11
– macOS version now notarized

v1.1.0, 22.03.2019
– Added projects list
– Can copy settings from one project to another
– Access to liquivid Presets Library
– Can create user presets
– New export formats: GIF, WebP
– New UI localization: Simplified Chinese
– UI tweaks

Initial release