Video to HTML5

Export Videos as HTML5 Tag

Video to HTML5

Want to add video to your site?
And host the clips on your own server?

HTML5 capable browsers can play video clips without plugins (like Flash), but the technical side can be confusing: Different browser versions have different requirements and capabilities (check Wikipedia for details).

Video Export for Your Site

Our solution exports all three formats supported by modern browsers via the HTML5 <video/> tag. The You can also tune, edit and cut your clips as well as add text and images.

WOW Effect

More attention and longer retention times for your web site.


Host videos on your own server. No more issues with YouTube cookies or tracking!

Videos on the web
stand out from the crowd and
are quick & easy to create

Simple, quick, effective

Select the formats you want to export (HTML5 defines three different ones), see which browsers are able to handle them and how large the video files will be.

You can also change the output resolution and quality to make your files smaller – Because video is cool, but can use up a lot of bandwidth and storage space.

And the app even gives you the HTML code required to embed the videos onto your site.

Features at a Glance

HTML5 Formats

Quickly and easily convert videos to HTML5 formats (MP4, OGG, WebM)

GIF & WebP

Convert videos to animated image formats: GIF, WebP.


Adjust resolution, frame rate and output quality to optimize file size.

Visual Tuning

Adjust white balance, exposure, colors and more.

Video Editing

Rotate and crop videos, even with custom aspect ratios. Even vertical videos or custom ad banner formats present no problem.

Images and Text

Add images and text, e.g. your company name & logo, web address and more.

Liquivid Preset Library

Our online library of free, prebuilt presets gives your videos a professional look. Simply download and apply them from within the software!

Input Formats

All common video formats (incl. HEVC/H265, no MPEG2), codecs and resolutions

Output Formats

MP4 (H264), WebM, OGG, GIF, WebP


UI languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Simplified Chinese

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