How to turn your photos into a video clip from Adobe Lightroom

Using Adobe Lightroom to edit and manage your photos? Ever wanted to create a photo slideshow in a video format you can upload to YouTube or Vimeo?

Here’s the easy and fast way to do it:

And for those of you who prefer text over video, here’s a summary:


  1. Download our Lightroom plug-in
  2. Unpack the downloaded file (ZIP for Windows, DMG for macOS) and place the “videoimprove.lrplugin” folder somewhere on your computer
  3. Open Lightroom, go to File -> Plug-In Manager -> Add, then select the folder you just unpacked. Lightroom’s list of plug-ins should now show Liquivid with a green dot next to it
  4. Select photos and/or videos from your catalog. We currently support almost all video formats, but only JPEG, PNG and TIFF photos (that means especially no RAW formats).
  5. Go to File -> Plug-In Extras -> Edit in Video Improve
  6. Liquivid Video Improve opens and imports the selected files (on first run, macOS may show you a warning saying “This is an app downloaded from the internet, would you like to run it?” – just click Ok)
  7. In Video Improve, select all files (by pressing Ctrl+A / Cmd+A or by selecting the first file, then shift+clicking the last one)
  8. Click on “Merge selection” at the bottom, then choose video output resolution, quality and photo display duration. You can also add a music soundtrack but you don’t have to.
  9. Wait for the export to finish. By default, files exported from our plug-in will automatically be imported into Lightroom.
  10. Done! 🙂

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